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05 May 2017



On 3rd May 2017, a report of kidnapping and robbery was made by Emil Javier ROSADO, 23-year-old Cane Farmer of Ranchito village, Eder Stevenson HALL, 26-year-old Land Consultant of Ramirez Layout, and Eliazar HALL, 31-year-old Cane Farmer of Chan Chen village. They reported that around 4:00pm, they went to do a vehicle transaction at Ranchito  with one, Jeffery GONGORA, of Ranchito village, when three other male persons held them up with weapons, tied them up, stole $13,000.00, jewelry valued at $3,100.00, a Galaxy S6 Edge phone and a Gucci wallet valued at $600.00. Eliazar and Emir were then placed inside the trunk of a car while Elder HALL was placed in the backseat. They were then reportedly driven along the Phillip Goldson Highway where upon reaching Carolina Village, Elder HALL managed to untie himself and reportedly took a handgun from one of his assailants. The vehicle came to a stop and he chased one of the assailants while the vehicle drove off. The vehicle reportedly came to a stop at a pedestrian crossing in Calcutta where Eliazar and Emir managed to free themselves and escaped from the trunk of the vehicle. Jeffery GONGORA and Brian ESPINOSA were reportedly ahead of the car in a grey Nissan X Terra SUV clearing the path for one, LOPEZ, who was driving the car. They then called for police assistance and the SUV was pursued. It was later found abandoned at a farm near camp 1 in Shipyard. Police have since retrieved, a black Smith and Wesson brand .45 pistol model 457 along with a magazine containing three live rounds, from the vehicle. On 3rd May 2017, police visited Port Saul area Corozal town where Jason ESPINOSA, 23-year-old Laborer of Corozal, was detained pending Kidnapping and Robbery charges. He then took police to 2nd Street South behind a residence where he handed over a bag containing a gold chain and ring identified as the items stolen. On 4th May 2017, 45-year-old Elio Axvel LOPEZ was detained, pending charges, where he handed over $6,500.00. Police are still seeking Jeffery GONGORA and Brian ESPINOSA.



On 4th May 2017 at about 8:55pm, police visited an address on Elston Kerr Street, Belize City, where they saw the body of Michael Luis BONILLA, 19-year-old of Dangriga Town, Stann Creek District, with gunshot injuries to the upper back and chest. Investigations revealed that on 4th May 2017 at around 8:45pm, BONILLA was riding a bicycle on Elston Kerr Street when he was approached by a male person who fired several shots at him. Police are investigating.   

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