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On Wednesday, 12th of April 2017, at 6:50pm, 27-year-old Nory NOVELO reported that she was driving a Black 2008 Toyota 4 runner along with 4 passengers heading from Belmopan to Belize City. Upon reaching between miles 8 and 9 on the George Price Highway, in front of the recycling company, she saw a female on a bicycle crossing from the left hand side of the road to the right hand side of the road and also an elderly man walking across the road from left to right. She reported that she blew her horn and then hit her brakes to avoid hitting the male person, but to no avail. She immediately got out the vehicle to check on the condition of the person and called for ambulance assistance. A Notice of Intended Prosecution issued and victim, yet to be identified, was admitted to ward in a critical condition.

Cyber Security Awareness

·       Increase your knowledge on how to stay safe on the Internet!

·       Be VIGILANT of fraudulent practices.

·       Be CAREFUL of how you provide information of the internet.

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IWF Belize Reporting Portal

Belize have joined the Internet Watch Foundation's (IWF) global reporting portals network, by adopting a technical reporting solution for online child sexual abuse imagery. You can report any suspected illegal content anonymously to one of the world's leading hotlines, the IWF. The portal links are available in English and Spanish translations.


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Crime Stoppers

Crime Stoppers is a program coordinated by the Rotary Clubs of Belize. It is a community-based servicel...

911 FAQ

Do I have to give my name when I call 911? What should I do if I see a crime occurring? When should I call 911? ...
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