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03 April 2017



On the 30th of March 2017 at 1:10pm, police received information of a house fire at Carmelita Village, Orange Walk. Police officers visited Carmelita Village where they saw a house partially destroyed by fire including some house hold items. Initial investigation revealed that, on the 30th of March 2017 at about 10:00am, the neighbor and brother, Roberto GARMA, 21 year old Construction Worker of Carmelita Village, entered the house through a window and lit fire inside the house, but the fire was immediately extinguished by one of his sisters. At about 1:00pm, on the same date, Roberto GARMA was seen again entering the same house and about 5 minutes later the house was seen engulfed in flames. The house is owned by one, Maria CASERES, 51 year old Honduran National of George Town, Stann Creek. Police have since arrested and charged Roberto GARMA for the crime of arson.

On the 1st of April 2017 at 10:15pm, information was received about a stabbing incident at San Felipe Village, Orange Walk District. Police visited the hospital where they saw Adiel MOJICA, 21-year-old Laborer of San Felipe Village, suffering from a large cut wound to the left upper arm and two stab wounds to the chest area. He was in a critical condition. Investigations revealed that MOJICA and two other male persons were drinking at a bar in San Felipe when a fight ensued between them where MOJICA was stabbed. Police have since detained two men pending investigations.



On the 1st of April 2017 at 2:36pm, Alfredo Gaspar COWO MANCIA reported that, at about 4:00am on the 1st of April 2017, he was at the Central Park when he reportedly saw PC Norman COYE, PC MADRILLand PC MAGANA dragging two females and began recording the incident with his cell phone. He was approached by PC MADRILL who told him to stop videoing and attempted to take away his cell phone.  PC MADRILL reportedly then punched him on the nose causing it to bleed. Alfredo’s brothers, Jose and George COWO, approached the officers and PC COYE told them to leave. When they refused he told the other officers to detain George COWO. George ran away, but was caught by PC MADRILL and when Jose and Alfredo went to talk to PC MADRILL, PC COYE came toward them and pulled out his 9mm. He then felt a blow to the left eye and saw PC MADRILL with a shot gun in his hand. PC COYE then started to shoot in front of his feet and as he stepped back, he saw his right foot bleeding. Alfredo also saw PC MADRILL shooting and then noticed his left big toe bleeding also. He was detained and taken to the Police vehicle where he was later transported to the San Pedro Polyclinic. On the 2nd of April 2017, police arrested and charged 27-year-old Police Officer Norman COYE, with two counts of Wounding and 22-year-old Police Officer Darnell MADRILL, for one count of Wounding as investigation continues.


On the 2nd of April 2017 at about 12:15am, San Ignacio Police were patrolling in Santa Familia Village when they stopped at a residence due to loud music. At the residence, police met (7) male persons who were then searched. This resulted in the discovery of a single Sellier and Bellot 16 gauge cartridge near the speakers. Police have since arrested and charged 45-year-old Henry LANDERO, 43-year-old Elder LANDERO, 39-year-old Johnny HUMES, 31-year-old Angel CABB, 27-year-old Armando COLEMAN, 26-year-old Jose Luis KOTCH and a 17-year-old male, for the offence of Kept ammunition without a gun license.

At around 10:00pm, on the 2nd of April 2017, a murder occurred at the Champon area at the western border, where Bryan Geovanny CORADO, 21-year-old Guatemalan National of Melchor de Mencos, was shot and killed. Guatemalan Police (PNC) are investigating. CORADO was released from the Kolbe Foundation on the 30th of March 2017, after he was arrested for armed robbery and the complainant requested no court action.


On the 1st of April 2017, 33-year-old Businesswoman of Santa Elena, reported that on the 31st of March 2017 at about 9:20pm, he was driving her Silver 4-door GMC 2011 Terrain SUV (with license plate SI C-02337) on the Cristo Rey Road when her vehicle broke down. She reportedly secured it and left it on the road. On the 1st of April 2017 at around 9:45am, she discovered that her vehicle was missing from where she had left it parked on the Cristo Rey Road and visited the San Ignacio Police Station to file a report. Upon filing her report, she was informed that her vehicle was found about (5) miles on the Georgeville road completely destroyed by fire. Police are investigating.



On the 2nd of April 2017 at 2:05pm, police received information of a road traffic accident between miles 4 and 5 on the Placencia Road near Bal Shrimp Farm where they saw a black two door Ford Ranger Pickup with extensive damages to the front portion and a broken windshield. Police also saw two females and two males lying on the right hand side of the road at varied distance from each other, suffering from injuries. Two females and one male person were transported to the Southern Regional Hospital in private motor vehicles and Ambulance. Investigations revealed that the pickup was being driven by Sandra MARTINEZ, 24-year-old Housewife of Dangriga Town, who was traveling to Placencia when upon reaching in the area of miles 4 and 5, she reportedly lost control of the vehicle which ran off the road and overturned several times. Traveling along with her were (1) Guillermo MARTINEZ Jr., 27 year old Vendor of St. Vincent Street, (2) Jonathan FRAZER, 15 year old Student of St. Vincent Street, (3) Victoria SABAL, 17 year old Unemployed of Melinda Rd., (4) Aisha RAMIREZ, 16 year old Student of Dangriga, (5) Misty POWELL, 20 year old Domestic of 11/4 mile George Price Drive, (6) Alonzo RODRIGUEZ, 8 year old Student of St. Vincent Street, (7) Darrington AUGUSTINE, 20 year old Student of Cedar Street, (8) Deshawn TAYLOR, 18 year old Housewife of Monument Site, (9) Tiffany RODRIGUEZ, 22 year old Student of Benguche area, (10) Warise Emany FLORES, 14 year old Student of Dangriga, (11) Timara RODRIGUEZ, 19 year old of  Benguche area, (12) Shanique RODRIGUEZ, 16 year old Student of Dangriga, and (13) Ervin SANTOS, 18 year old Construction Worker of Pomona New Site.  All passengers suffered varied degrees of injuries. Deshawn TAYLOR was seen with head and body injuries and was pronounced dead at 4:45pm. Warise FLORES was seen with head injuries and was pronounced dead at 5:08pm. Ervin SANTOS was transported to Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital suffering from head and body injuries. Misty POWELL, Guillermo MARTINEZ, Aisha RAMIREZ and Ervin SANTOS were transported to the KHMH in serious condition. Timara and Shanique RODRIGUEZ were treated and release from SRH for minor injuries. The bodies of Deshawn TAYLOR and Warise FLORES were transported to the Western Regional Hospital morgue awaiting a Post Mortem. Police are investigating.

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