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Voluntary Special Constable



The Voluntary Special Constable is a program which enables citizens from all walks of life to contribute to make their communities much safer by providing supporting roles to the Belize Police Department. They are unsalaried volunteers.


1.   To work under the supervision and support of the Belize Police Department.
2.   To perform duties alongside police officers in the execution of their duties, including special events, such as parades, national fairs, concerts, etc.
3.   To assist the police in identifying and solving policing issues.
4.   To contribute to the overall effectiveness of policing in areas appointed within Belize.


The duties of the VSC shall only be valid whilst on active duty and only within the jurisdiction of their appointment. Other duties required to do, but are not limited to be are as follows:

1.    To aid or direct traffic and crowd control.
2.    To aid in cases of natural or manmade disasters.
3.    To perform foot and mobile patrols with regular officers.
4.    To perform radio operator’s duties.
5.    To perform station and gate duties.
6.    To assist in lectures at the Police Training Academy and Police Stations.
7.    To assist in public displays.
8.    To assist in Crime Prevention Programs.
9.    To assist at Crime Scenes.
10.  To preserve the peace and report crimes.
11.  To perform any other low risk duties that may be assigned.


1.    Be a Belizean or a permanent resident of Belize.
2.    Must be over eighteen (18) years of age.
3.    Be able to speak, understand, read and write in the English Language effectively.
4.    All applicants are required to be physically fit and in good health of sound mind and character.
5.    A driving license is considered an asset.
6.   Have a strong desire to serve the community, a strong sense of loyalty to duty and ability and willingness to follow instructions properly and efficiently.
7.    Not having any criminal conviction or offense.
8.    Have no criminal charges pending before the courts.
9.    Possess good interpersonal skills and ability to work cooperatively or be a member of an effective and professional team.
10.  All applicants must be prepared to volunteer at least four (4) hours of active duty per week.
11.  All applicants will be subject to a vetting process as well as checks and character references as deemed necessary.
12.  Previous participation in the Citizens on Patrol (COP) program is a prerequisite.


Applicants are expected to undergo basic non-residential training of a minimum of forty (40) hours at an approved facility. The training will impart the volunteers with basic knowledge of Police procedure, Laws and Codes of Practice, as per standardize training package in the respective communities by Formation Commanders.


Upon the successful completion of vetting/selection and basic training. VSC will take an Oath of Allegiance and be sworn in and receive a Certificate recognizing completion of training. VSC will also receive an Identification Card (valid for one year) bearing his or her photograph and the Commissioner of Police’s signature as well as a uniform, both items must be worn on duty. All VSC shall be placed on a mandatory probation period of six (6) months, at the end of which an assessment will be done by Formation Commanders. This is to ensure compliance with regulations; if deemed worthy, the VSC will receive an official letter confirming acceptance, if deemed necessary the probation period may be extended by an additional six months.


Contact your Community Policing Officer or Commanding Officer in your area to obtain an application.


Be a part of the change, for the community.

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